The Key to Cybersecurity is a Good Defense...And We Have the Key!

The Key to Cybersecurity is a Good Defense...And We Have the Key!

The world may seem larger than ever before, but attackers don’t think so. With our reliance on the virtual space to connect us and push technology into mainstream operations – especially those for financial institutions like credit unions – every device is an open invitation to steal data and network access. Except for when the invitation is rejected, and credit unions start fighting back, that is.

The best place to start? That’s easy…leverage the newest partnership between Vizo Financial and DefenseStorm. Our organizations have joined forces to help credit unions bulk up their defense against the many and varied cybersecurity threats that plague financial institutions today. Maybe you can think of just a few off the top of your head – phishing, social engineering, malware and so on. And while you may be familiar with the kinds of risks that your institution may be facing, you never know when or how attacks are going to happen.

That’s where Vizo Financial and DefenseStorm come in. Our partnership offers credit unions access to DefenseStorm’s signature CyberSecurity and CyberFraud solutions with a single integrated cybersecurity platform, a team of experts that will essentially act as an extension of your security team and exclusive discounts.

CyberSecurity Solution

Imagine a solution that offers you the protection of a proactive threat monitoring, detection and response system specific to your unique network and security infrastructure. That’s exactly what the CyberSecurity service does for credit unions. It takes all of the information, as well as policies and procedures, you already have in place and incorporates them alongside security technologies. All of these factors culminate in a solution that looks out for your institution with no limitations, actively looks for possible red flags, documents and reports vulnerabilities and notifies you of threats.

CyberFraud Solution

Credit unions are no strangers to fraud. Every day has the potential for bad checks, money laundering and identity theft, among so many others, and it grows exponentially as our operations become even more ingrained in the cyber world. Luckily, CyberFraud delivers the tools and methods to combat fraudulent activity. How so? It sends real-time alerts when fraud risks are identified based on analysis of online financial risks, dark web intelligence and other threat resources, as well as your own internal BSA and security program.

Integrated Platform

The GRID is DefenseStorm’s all-inclusive cybersecurity data engine. It houses all the information from your security operations plus the CyberFraud and CyberSecurity solutions so that everything can be accessed and managed within a single system. It’s the epitome of data integration, efficiency and convenience to help you achieve the ultimate in cybersecurity protection.

Team of Experts

DefenseStorm was designed specifically to address the security and regulatory needs of financial institutions. As such, it was created with the expertise of professionals from both the financial institution and cybersecurity perspectives. And those experts are exactly who make up the Threat Ready Active Compliance (TRAC) team, the 24/7/365 support group that will assist with your credit union’s cybersecurity needs as part of the DefenseStorm suite of services.

Exclusive Discounts

Who doesn’t love a discount? Everyone does, especially when it applies to something as complex and necessary as cybersecurity protection. Vizo Financial and DefenseStorm have pulled their resources – it is the cooperative way, after all – to create cost-savings for credit unions who utilize our partnership.

DefenseStorm Learning Opportunity!

If you’ve enjoyed reading about our newest partnership with DefenseStorm for next-level cybersecurity services, you’ll certainly want to attend Vizo Financial’s Cyber Storms Are Brewing: Be Ready to Defend webinar on December 7, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Representatives from DefenseStorm will join the Corporate and our member credit unions to discuss these cybersecurity services and how they can improve your cybersecurity position, plus answer any questions you may have. Register for the webinar today or check out the Upcoming Webinars page for full details.

It doesn’t matter whether the world is getting bigger or smaller…what matters is how your credit union steps up to the plate against cyberattacks. With Vizo Financial and DefenseStorm on your side, cybersecurity – a must for credit unions in the modern world – can be so much less overwhelming and, even better, so much more effective. Level up your defenses and kick cyber threats to the curb with our new DefenseStorm cybersecurity solutions!

Want to know more about our cybersecurity services through DefenseStorm? Contact your corporate account manager at for additional information.

John Cuneo is information security director for Vizo Financial. With over 10 years of information technology experience, Mr. Cuneo is well-versed in conducting information system risk assessments, providing security awareness training and analyzing security controls and reports.